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"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." -- Ferdinand Foch
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New Writing and Speaking!

Colorado Supreme Court to Make Historic Ruling on Fracking Bans, EcoWatch, 9/24/2015
Governor Undermines Climate Action in Colorado, EcoWatch, 9/21/2015
While the Animas River spill is eye-catching, Western rivers face an even bigger threat, High Country News, 8/31/2015
Is the Colorado Water Plan Ethically Bankrupt? Save The Colorado Blog, 7/13/2015
Obama's Clean Water Rule Won't Protect The West's Water, High Country News, 7/10/2015
This Is What Epic Drought Looks Like: Lake Mead Hits Historic Low, EcoWatch, 4/28/2105
scuRee the Wolves of Isle Royale!
, EcoWatch, 4/27/2015
Four Ways to Beat the California Drought and Save the Colorado River, EcoWatch, 4/21/2015
Highjacking the Colorado Water Plan, KGNU Radio, 4/14/2015
The Colorado River, A River In Distress, KGNU Radio, 3/12/2015
Can Climate Action Plans Combat Megadrought and Save The Colorado River? EcoWatch, 3/10/2015
James Eklund's "False Information" About The Colorado Water Plan, Washington Park Profile, 3/12/2015
NISP Would Destroy The Poudre River, Fort Collins Coloradoan, 1/27/2015
Why Is It Legal To Cause Fracking Earthquakes In Colorado? EcoWatch, 1/23/2015
Environmentalists Should Focus On River Destruction, Boulder Daily Camera, 1/15/2015
Stop The War Against The Colorado River, EcoWatch, 1/14/2015
Is Las Vegas Betting the Colorado River Will Go Dry? High Country News, 12/8/2014
Dear Secretary Pena, Don't Wipe Out The Coasts!, EcoWatch, 12/8/2014
If Senator Bennet Isn't a Climate Denier, Then Why Is He Acting Like One?, EcoWatch, 12/3/2104
Democracy at its Best: Boulder County Extends Fracking Ban, EcoWatch, 11/14/2014
Green is the New Blue, Colorado, Colorado Independent, 11/10/2014
Why Dr. Evil is Targeting Anti-fracking Activists as 'Big Green Radicals,' EcoWatch, 11/1/2014
Waterkeepers March!, EcoWatch, 9/21/2014
The Climate Crisis Is A Water Crisis, EcoWatch, 9/15/2014
Will Hickenlooper's Fracking Commission Be Clairvoyant?, Colorado Independent, 9/15/2014
Speak Out To Save The Poudre!, Fort Collins Coloradoan, 9/9/2014
4 Reasons Water Advocates Should Join the People's Climate March Sept. 21, EcoWatch, 8/31/2014
Dams Cause Climate Change, They Are Not Clean Energy, EcoWatch, 8/14/2014
The Most Endangered Child At Our Border, EcoWatch, 8/12/2014
Drought Drains Lake Mead To Lowest Level Ever, EcoWatch, 7/9/2014
Obituary For A River? Not If We Start Fighting!, Boulder Weekly, 7/3/2014
Hobby Lobby Eco-Fallout: Does Fracking Violate My Religious Freedom?, EcoWatch, 7/1/2014
Oil and Gas Industry Buys Colorado Fracking Election, Ecowatch, 6/25/2014
Colorado's Water Plan Is Being Hijacked, Denver Post, 6/18/2014
Colorado River and Sea of Cortez finally embrace after 20 years, High Country News - WOTR, May 2014.
The Good, Bad and Ugly in Colorado's New Fracking Air Emissions Rules, Ecowatch, 3/20/2014
Fracking More To Stop War Is Not The Way To Go, Coloradoan, 3/13/2014
Does 'Powering Forward' Advise Obama to Frack our way to a Clean Energy Economy?, EcoWatch, 1/21/2014
Fracked Citizens to Hickenlooper: 'Can You Hear Us Now?' Colorado Independent, 11/6/2013
Oil and Honey: Fossil Fuel Industry -vs- Sustainable Planet, EcoWatch, 10/28/2013
FRACKING FRACAS On Colorado's Front Range, Waterkeeper Magazine, Fall 2013
Colorado Rivers Illustrate Realities of Extreme Weather Activated by Climate Change, Ecowatch, 9/27/2013
Our Elysium: Matt Damon, Robert Redford, and the Colorado River, Huffington Post, 9/10/2013

The Next Chapter in Colorado's Water Supply Crisis, Ecowatch, 8/222013
Will The Colorado River Get Fracked? Ecowatch, 5/16/2013
Why Did Hickenlooper and Urbina Kill The Fracking Healthcare Bill? Huffington Post and EcoWatch, 4/24/2012
Colorado Most Endangered River in America!, Several versions in several newspapers and blog sites including Yahoo News, 4/18/2013
Hickenlooper Not The Only Government Official Trying To Frack Colorado, Huffington Post, 3/8/2013
Advice for Jewell on Protecting the Colorado River, San Diego Union-Tribune, 3/8/2013
Colorado's Bully Governor Says He Will Sue Fort Collins To Overturn Fracking Ban, Ecowatch, 2/27/2013
Fort Collins Bans Fracking as Democracy Comes Alive in Colorado, Ecowatch, 2/21/2013
In 2012, Grassroots Democracy Led In Boulder County, Huffington Post, 1/14/2013
Windy Gap Firming Project Is A Bad Deal For Colorado, Denver Post and Sky High Daily News, 1/8/2013
Boulder County Should Reject Moffat Water Project
, Boulder Daily Camera, 12-19-2012 (They did, we won!)
Don't Frack Denver's Water!, Huffington Post, 12-13-2012
New York City Meets The Colorado River At UN Climate Talks?, Huffington Post, 12-7-2012
Horak votes against neighborhoods, cultural amenities, and environment, Coloradoan, 9/26/2012
Trouble With Hickenlooper, Huffington Post, 8-4-2012
Fracking Vs. Marijuana: Colorado's New Cancer War? Huffington Post, 6-21-2012
Fort Collins Should Ban Fracking Coloradoan, 5/22/2012
Fracking Has Caused Damage And Must Be Controlled Denver Business Journal, April/2012
Boulder County Should Reject NISP Boulder Daily Camera, 5/4/2102
Will Fracking Destroy Colorado's Rivers? Huffington Post, 3/19/2012
Would Rick Santorum ban The Lorax? Huffington Post, 2/8/2012
Fixing The Perfect Storm on the Colorado River Huffington Post, 1/31/2012
Gardner Wrong About NISP, Again Coloradoan, 1/30/2012
Flaming Fiasco: $9 Billion Flaming Gorge Pipeline Would Further Drain the Colorado River System by Gary Wockner and Alexandra Cousteau, Huffington Post, 1/10/2012
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly in Colorado's New Fracking Rules Huffington Post, 1/2/2012
Is Colorado Addicted to Oil?
Denver Post 12/4/2011
Waterkeeper Magazine! Read Gary's article, "Last Stand on the Poudre."

Poudre River in the News

Gary is the Director, Spokesperson, and "Poudre Waterkeeper" for the Save The Poudre Coalition. Read Save The Poudre news here.

Colorado River in the News

Gary is the Director of the Save The Colorado River Campaign, which works to protect and restore the Colorado River from the source to the sea.

Recent Events

Sierra Club National Executive Director, Carl Pope, visits Fort Collins to rally the Save The Poudre Coalition!

Pulse of the River nominated for the Colorado Book Award!

Watch Gary in the Channel 9 News Debate.

Listen to the Colorado Public Radio Interview about the Poudre MER.

Watch Gary and the Save The Poudre Team in the Great Poudre Debate!

The John Fielder event to Save The Poudre was an ENORMOUS SUCCESS!

I-25 Intersection Redevelopment: Watch the Cross Currents video debate where Gary makes the case for conservation and good land use planning.

Recent Publications
Better Alternatives to NISP, Greeley Tribune, 5/26/2011
Save the Poudre Position on Floodplains "Evolving," NCBR, 1/14/2011
Peace on the Poudre?, Coloradoan, 3/2/2010
Understand True Cost of Coal, Coloradoan, 12/8/2009
Environmental Leaders Honored in Fort Collins, Coloradoan, 8/16/2009
NISP Harms Area Agriculture Greeley Tribune, 6/30/2009
Colorado Must Plan for A "New Water Economy" Denver Post, 2/8/2009
SARS Virus Strikes Poudre School District!
Coloradoan, 12/22/2008
Please Attend Public Hearings! Coloradoan, 6/15/2008
Polaris Students Feel "Invicible" After Desert Trip, Coloradoan, 2/24/08
NISP Bad For Fort Morgan, Fort Morgan Times, 2/20/08
Climate Changing on I-25 Development, Coloradoan, 12/27/2007
Vote Against Uranium Mine a State First, RMNews, 12/19/07
How to Save The Poudre River in Greeley, Greeley Trib. 10/17/07
Celebrate Conservation Leaders in Larimer County! Coloradoan, 8/18/07
Hope for the Poudre River, FC Weekly, June 6, 2007
Applegate Deceives Taxpayers, FC Weekly, Feb. 20, 2007
Choice Brings Choice Schools, Coloradoan, Jan. 2007
Dear Santa: The Environment Tops My List, RMNews, Dec. 2006
Stories Run Through River's Past and Future, Coloradoan, Nov. 2006
Cruel Irony In Highway Name, Denver Post, Oct. 2006
Coyote War Reminds Me of War in Iraq, WOTR, July 2006
Fencing Off Mexico is an Ecological Blunder, WOTR, June 2006
A River Runs Through it, Denver Post, April 9, 2006.

Pulse of the River, 2007 Radio Interview and Publicity

Comeback Wolves
(2005). An Eco-novel (2003).
Natl. Park Conundrums: The Wolves of Isle Royale (1997).
Sex With A Mountain Bike, and other stories
Gold Hill and Back: A Mountain Bike Escapade (
Matter, (contributing editor)

Creative Non-fiction/stories
Poison, Orion, May/June 2006
Granny Hootenany and the Great Boulder Mall Crawl, Matter VII
Soccer Dads for Gray Wolves, Comeback Wolves
Show Yourself, and Others Will, Fall 2005, divide.
Nature on Wheels, Orion July/Aug 2005
"Wolf Whisperer," Orion Jan/Feb 2005
Hideaway, Matter no. V
Get On The Bus Orion Jan/Feb 2004 (read press release)
Leopold's Bench, Mountain Gazette #90
On Jumbled Rocks, Matter, no. IV

Environmental Journalism
Solar Power, Lakota Empowerment, WorldWatch, July 2005
Buffalo Dreams at Pine Ridge NIFC, July 2004
Duped by Drought? Fort Collins Weekly,  V1 I40
Lock and Load? Fort Collins Weekly, V1 I33

Jackhammering for Water Conservation FC Coloradoan, Dec '05
Elvis, Wolves and the Death of Environmentalism, Tidepool
Rooting for the Underdog
Children Need Fix From Nature, (FC Coloradoan)
Why Wolves in Colorado? (Denver Post)
Can Billionaires Save The Earth? HCN/WOTR, June 2005
Endangered Species Need Roadless Habitat
RM News

Aerial Gunner Man, HCN-WOTR March. 2005
Writing for the Poudre, FC Coloradoan May, 2005
Drive-Up Nature, HCN-WOTR Feb. 2005
Values of Another Kind, Denver Post Dec. 2005
River Values, FC Coloradoan, Jan. 2005
Seeing a River Through Children's Eyes, HCN, Dec. 2004
Wolves are not Terrorists,
Denver Post, Oct. 2004
A Tale of Two Yellowstones, HCN, August 2004
Ignite Passion in Education (FC Coloradoan May 11,2004)
Mountain Lyin'  (RMNews, April 2004)  
IRS Hot on the Heels of Grandmas(Denver Post, 2/19/04)

Book Reviews
Bush Versus the Environment, by Robert S. Devine, Bloomsbury, May 2004.
Caribou Rising,by Rick Bass, HCN, March 2005.
Scorched Earth, by Rocky Barker, HCN, Nov. 2005
Cities in the Wilderness, by Bruce Babbitt, HCN, Feb. 2006

Gary in the Denver Post and LA Times

The "Stop Glade Reservoir" Front-Page Series.
November 2014. Collect 'em all! :-)

Gary with Kelly Giddens on election night 2013. Kelly and her team saved Fort Collins from fracking.

Some New Stuff:

Nice long interview of Gary Wockner by Derrick Jensen on Resistance Radio, August 2014, about the Colorado River.

Gary and the Save The Colorado River Campaign named "EcoRockstars Impacting The Planet" in Origin Magazine, March 2013!

Gary's work protecting the Colorado River highlighted in the New York Times! December 21, 2012

Gary's work protecting the Colorado River highlighted in Earthjustice Magazine. Fall 2012.

Check out the "BIG OIL FAT CAT," Denver Post, 10/1/2012

Gary with the Watershed Movie team -- Jill Tidman (Producer), Mark Decena (Director), and Jamie Redford (Producer). The Save The Colorado River Campaign sponsored a tour of The Redford Center's Watershed Movie.

Gary with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of the Waterkeeper Alliance

Gary with Alexandra Cousteau raising funds for Gulf Coast relief efforts.

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Comeback Wolves Wins Colorado Book Award!